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Guide on oases farming (by Asif)

*Oasis Farming*

In previous versions, Oasis raiding was very easy and a lot of players just put the coordinates in their farm list and sent raid from there. It wasn't profitable enough. But things have changed and now animal re-spawn rate has increased and therefore raiding oases like old days is not possible anymore. This has drove away a lot of players from oases and that made it interesting again. Now you can manually raid from oases and it is really useful!

Oasis Raiding is an important and useful trick in early game. If you can raid oases efficiently, it will put you ahead of others and give a nice boost to your Hero. You can spam troops quickly to farm the neighbouring area, even invade other active players.

This guide explains how you can efficiently farm oases and get the maximum benefit.


*Oases Types*

As I see them, there are 2 types of oases. *Single bonus* and *Double bonus* oases. Single bonus oases will give you 25% production boost for a single resource where double bonus oases will give you 25% production boost for 2 resources.

Usually double bonus oases have an extra crop bonus added to the primary bonus. In grey area you may find double bonus oases which give 50% production boost to any of the 4 resources.

When not occupied by any player, single bonus oases can hold up to 4000 resources and double bonus oases can hold up to 8000 resources.


*Resources Type and Defense:*

*Clay* oases have *Rat, Spider,Wild Boar* as defense
 *Iron* oases have *Rat, Spider, Snake, Bat* as defense
 *Lumber* oases have *Wild Boar, Wolf, Bear* as defense
 *Crop* oases have *Rat, Snake, Bear/Crocodile, Tiger* as defense

Remember, this is the general case. It may vary and it will. For double bonus oases, the defense is decided by the primary bonus type. If you raid an oasis too often, may be a stronger type of animal appear in that oasis which doesn't belong there in general cases.

Total defense of an oasis depends on 2 things. The number of animals and the type of animals. Before you attack, you should calculate the total defense in an oasis. You can find the list of animals and their defense stats in the FAQ - Answers section.

Generally Clay oases are easiest to clear. Then Iron, Lumber and Crop. But the number of animals varies and it varies a lot. So often you may find out that a Crop oasis have less defense than a Clay oases, just because of animal number.


*Scouting :*

If you are sure enough that an oasis has not been touched yet or raided in last few days, you can go and raid it without scouting. But if you are not sure, then scout first to get to knoe the possible bounty. It is frustrating to clear 30 animals for 750 resources.

But be careful, sometimes scouting triggers the animal spawning rate and you'll see a lot more animals spawning before you attack.


*Dressing up the hero: *

As you have the oasis selected, you should prepare yourself for raiding. You need to dress up your hero. It would be foolish to miss all those experience points for nothing.

*Hero Points:* Points should be on fighting strength. The stronger Hero you have, the faster it will clear oases. Also he will take less damage which is also very helpful to continue.

*Right hand:* For right hand you'll need a weapon that gives fighting strength. It can be anything you have. But if you send troops with the Hero (not suggested for early game) then send a lot of troops and use the item that gives your troops a small boost as well.

*Armour:* As armour, my personal preference is the Scale armour and then Segmented armour* These 2 armours can reduce the damage on Hero, which works better than healing. If you raid more, you'll get more benefit from the damage reduction.
If you can buy a lot of ointments, use a Breast plate. *Armour of regeneration* is simply not the ideal choice for oasis raiding. Point to be noted, even with the first 2 armours, will have to use some ointments to keep the hero moving.
If you can micro manage, I would suggest a segmented armour while raiding and a regeneration armour when hero stays at home.

*Left hand:* For left hand I prefer map. The hero will return quickly and will be ready for next raid. Also if you send troops with the hero, they'll be back sooner as well and will be ready for another raid. If you have no such hurry, use a Shield. The strength boost is always good.

*Helmet:* As helmet I always equip a CP helmet. If you can micro manage, you may use a helmet that gives extra experience. Helmet of regeneration is not that useful compared to these 2 types but still useful.

*Boot:* I prefer spurs as they make the hero faster. But you can also use the regeneration boot as well.

*Cages:* If you can buy cages, buy some. They'll come handy. If send your hero and some troops to raid an empty oasis and while they are on the way, you find out that new animals are spawning there, equip Hero with a cage. It is a simple trick that I've learned from a friend. No fight will take place and your troops will be safe.

*Book of Wisdom :* Though not a part of oasis farming, but related to the topic. If you can get your hands on them, buy some. When hero has nothing to do, switch the points to resource and you'll have a production boost. It may place you ahead of others.


*Target selection:*

*Total Defense :* After you have the scouting reports, calculate the defense and the total bounty you'll get from the oases. Sometimes you may find that a double bonus oasis have less defense than a single bonus oasis. Alternatively you may find that 2 or 3 small oases combined, have less defense and more resources than a single oasis.

*Time management :* If your target oasis is far from your village, it wouldn't be wise to raid. Sometimes you may find out that some other player has robbed it before you. Even if you can raid it all, there might be some opportunities nearer that can give you the same amount of resources (from few oases) and experience and takes less time to raid.

*Troop factor :* Often you might not have the troops to clear an oasis, if you think that others might empty it before you do, then don't clear the oasis. It feels really bad when you don't get the expected outcome.

Now you know all the facts, select your target carefully.


*Troop landing:*

Every troop has a certain carrying capacity. Divide the resource amount by carrying capacity and find out how many troops you'll need to carry everything home. Land the troops as soon as your hero clears the oasis. It will not give others the chance to dig in.

If you use speed boots on hero or send infantry, it would be better to send the army sometime before the hero. That way they'll get there on the right time. Be careful though, if your troops land before hero, you'll lose some of your valuable troops.

You can also add a single troop of the following army with the hero. That way hero will move slowly but your timing will be perfect. Sometimes the accompanying troops will die though.


*Healing and Reviving the Hero:*

You should be ready to use ointments. If you can't you should know that armours can't heal fast enough to continue raiding. In these situations, I just keep raiding until the hero is dead. Then I revive him again and keep going.

For first few levels, reviving is really efficient. The reviving cost is a lot less than the bounty you get. But as the Hero gains level, reviving time will increase and also the cost. That is the time when you should decide if you want to continue this or not. With added supply of ointments and using buckets, you can keep doing this for longer period. But sooner or later you have to stop and pay attention on farms and smaller players.

Remember, your main goal is to train some troops to get ahead of others. After a certain period oasis raiding is not that profitable and you'll have more benefit just by annexing the oasis from your village.

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