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Guide on auctions (by Jimmy C.)

I would like to give a guideline on auctions.

I have played Travian for the last 2 and a half years almost three being unlucky to purchase gold locally from our country. I have however through auctions been able to buy items cheaply and sell items expensively. So auctions in itself is very useful when it comes to getting items that can help one advance quickly in Travian.

Key things being auctioned are hero equipment’s which include ointments, water buckets, armours, helmets, shields, boots, lances, scrolls etc. All these are very useful in strengthening the hero which later helps one in advancing in the game as hero experience is gained more easily with these equipment’s.

How to start auctioning

In Travian auctioning, one can either buy (bid) for items or sell them. As a beginner in order to be able to auction as a requirement one has to first accomplish the first ten adventures, have enough silver or gold which he can convert into silver (ie if one wants to buy) and items on list if he wants to sell.

When to buy

It is always logical to buy at the cheapest price possible.

In Travian, it reaches a point that one needs hero equipment’s in order to advance in the game. One can get them from the auction tab on the bottom right of the hero's icon.

One buys an item through bidding thus the highest bidder carry's the day.

At the beginning of the game items tend to be so costly because they are scarce but are on high demand thus need of being wise when it comes to buying.

It is cheaper to buy when there are less players online and vice versa. With time one can easily know such timings because there is usually a pattern.

How to bid

Make sure you have sufficient silver if not convert the gold you have to silver. If you have no gold you can buy more gold which comes in different packages and prices.

Search for the item that you want to bid for. On the auction page there is a list of items that are available for bidding. One can also click on the icon for the specific items they are looking for.

The bid list usually show items available, the number of bids that it has and the current bid price.

It is key to always have a limit on how much you can spend on an item above which it is logical to let go.

You can check on your bid list items you have bid for which items you won or lost and the ones that are still running.

Please note that the system won't accept bids which are too far above the average server price. In case you place such a bid you won't receive an error message and it directly gets deleted by the system. To avoid this you need to decrease your bid.

Selling Items

Again it is logical to sell items at higher price. Items tend to fetch a higher price if they are on demand and when there are many players online.

It is good to sell items that you do not need. Either because you have in excess or one cannot use more than one at the same time.

Go to the auction page select items you want to sell. One has a maximum of FIVE selections to sell. These items can always be checked on the sell tab which shows which you are selling.

Depending on the server items take about 24 hours on slow servers or about 12 hours on speed severs. This is important to know so that you can know the best time to place a sale.

You will notice an increase in silver once your item is successfully sold. You can as well check on the silver accounting tab to know how much your item was bought at.

The silver accounting tab helps in checking track on your silver spending.

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