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Best strategy for Teutons (by Mega Man X)

For a new player that plans to choose a race, the Teuton can be one of the easiest to understand and control. However properly utilizing the Teuton's troops and buildings do great for giving a big advantage. There for I will be breaking down this guide into several important sections. Starting out, Troops, Buildings, Attacks, Defence, Gold and Teams.

Starting out

When you start out in the Teuton race, one of the first things that you need to understand is that the Teuton is an Attacking race. They are meant to raid and take villages, create farms and grow this way. To that end, it's a good idea to understand what just makes the Teuton race special. For starters, they have the cheapest troops out of the races in the game. This means that you can build a lot of troops quickly, usually before anyone else. Moreover they can grab up more resources than any other race as they have a 20% dip into crannies for all units attacking with the hero as well. Starting out, I recommend that you try to shoot for 100 troops before even leaving Beginner's Protection.

Following the missions and tips that the game gives you starting out can help you also grab up some resources and grow as well. During Beginner's Protection, I also suggest beginning raids against Oasis' that are close by and have little to no nature troops. You can rack up resources this way and instantly turn them into more troops. One of the biggest things you want to keep an eye on is that while you are growing you have a 2:1 ratio of troops vs your population. This can easily make you a force to be feared as soon as you can start raiding nearby players.

Once Beginner's Protection is done, the best thing to do is work to clear out your 7x7 and remove anyone there by attacking, raiding or turning them into allies. Using Gold can help a lot here and I will discuss more on it in the proper section. What you want to do from here on out is make a huge army. Raid. Raid. Raid. It's always a good idea to keep your forces constantly moving and attack for even small amounts of resources. Be on the lookout for 15 croppers as you will eventually need a lot of crop.


Since I have been talking about using troops so much, it's a good idea to know what troops do what, and how to use them effectively.

Clubswinger: Clubswinger are in essence are your cannon fodder. By that I mean they are the easiest troops to make, use, lose and remake again. These guys are the guys you send to test villages to see if they have troops and if you can beat them. They are the guys to fill up traps from trappers and to destroy defensive lines. Having a lot of these guys is what you want, especially if you are going into battle against another player.

Axeman: Axeman are your upgrade from Clubswinger. They are stronger, hit harder and are good for use in more important battles where you are bringing catapults along with you. They are still pretty easy to build, and work great following with or behind Clubswinger.

Teutonic Knight (TK): TKs are your special troops. They are your best attacking force and by right the guys you use to plow villages into the ground and win wars. These are the guys you want walking with your catapults when you send them to hit villages, or with your Chieftain when you are trying to conquer a village over.

Spearmen: Spearmen are your first defensive unit. They're good against horse-mounted attackers and if there are a lot of them they can make a pretty good defensive line.

Paladins: Paladins are your best defensive force. These are the guys you want helping you defend your villages as you use TKs to hit the hardest.

Scouts: Scouts are always a good idea to have. They can find out a lot for you before you begin attacks and since the Teuton scouts are the cheapest to make, I highly recommend using them.


There are several buildings that you will want to make sure you get quickly in order to attack hard and grow fast. They are your barracks, stable, academy, rally point, workshop and smithy.

Barracks: You're barracks will become one of your most used buildings. From there you will be churning out a lot of troops. Clubswinger, spearmen and scouts will be your main forces when you start up, and so you will want your barracks at a high level so that you can make a lot of troops, quickly.

Stable: The Stable is your 2nd troop building and it makes your special troops. This also makes your best defensive troop and it's good to have it.

Academy: Your Academy is important because it's where you research all of the troops you'll be using. And to a Teuton, troops are everything.

Rally Point: The rally point is an important building as levelling it up, give your catapults better options and you just can't attack without it.

Workshop: The workshop is where your catapults and rams will be coming from and you will need them to take villages, destroy them and win wars.

Smithy: The Smithy is important because it allows you to level up the power of your troops, per level. And everyone loves sending insanely powerful, cheaply made Clubswingers against someone that's not expecting it.


Now that you know what to build and how your troops work, it's time to put them into action. Attacking is the bread and butter of Teutons. So you constantly want to be attacking. Using Gold can help out a lot with this, however even if you don't have it, you can always use some special tricks to keep your forces big and your costs down.

Use your Clubswingers. Send them out of raids, gather up resources and find farms for you to hit. Not sure if a village is strong or not and you don't have scouts? Use Clubswingers. Your other forces are used for bigger and harder battles so it's always good to keep them in reserve and raiding safe areas. ALWAYS try to keep your troops moving. Even if it's to gather small resources or just making runs. The less the enemy player knows how much you have in your village, the better off you can surprise them when you come calling.

When you are fighting big wars against alliances or players there is a good system to use when attack: wave attacking.

When you are planning to launch an attack against a player you know has troops to fight you, wave attacking is your friend. Cats are special and can be costly and it always sucks to lose them. So what you want to do is send 1-2 waves of Clubswingers out first as the cannon fodder. They will run up against their main forces and help to clear or weaken them. Your secondary attacking troops like Axeman follow up to get rid of the harder to kill forces, maybe even a hero or two and finally, you use your TKs and cats to start hitting the village. All in all you're looking at around 5-10 attacks in one wave to properly hit and take out a village. Of course this costs a lot of troops. So that is why you are always sending your forces to raid and grab up resources.


Now, how can you use Defensive tactics with your Teutons. If you haven't been able to tell, for the most part, Teutons are high in attack, low in defence. And if someone get a couple of good hits in, it really can seem like it's the end for you. But, there's some things you can do to help make it just as much of a nightmare to attack you as it is when you come calling.

Firstly, your wall. The Teuton wall is almost impossible to break without a lot of rams. So while you may not get a lot of defence from it, the defence you do get from it is solid. And defensive points in an incoming attack are vital. Use Spearmen and Paladins to defend with your wall and you already have a strong defensive force. Add some crannies to make sure they can't get anything when they attack and you will make them hate attacking you as much as they hate seeing you attack them.


Ah Gold. Gold is a wonderful thing. And if you can use it, you can really help out with some extra perks. For starters, getting the Gold Club and Travian Plus can do a lot! It's a pain to constantly keep track of all of those raids and farms you've made right? Well use the Rally Point's Farm List and boom, instead of keeping track of farms and raids and how much to send, all you are doing now, is picking and choosing who to attack and pressing some buttons. Moreover, you can use auto-evade for your capital and insure that that really large force you're making won't be destroyed by a sneak attack you didn't see coming. Add that with the 25% bonuses on resources that you need, and Gold can help you out a lot!


Travian is a Team game. There's no getting around it. And while you can grow to be a beast in your own right, if you don't have some good friends helping you out, it can be an uphill battle the entire way. It's a great idea to grab a Gaul friend for sure. They are awesome in defence and complement the Teuton race's attacking when paired together. The Gaul can run defence and the Teuton can clear out the entire area with attacks. Moreover if you have a Roman who has powerful troops and high resources, they can help you build up that cannon fodder to beat down bigger guys and then come in behind you really doing some damage. Working with friends and people is always a plus, so teaming up is highly recommended.



Teutons are an awesome tribe to use. They're easy to understand and figure out, and they can make the game pretty fun if you use them right. I hope this guide will help a lot of people get the basics down when using them and learn to enjoy being a Teuton.

-Mega Man X

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